CCTV Security Camera Systems

CCTV (Close Circuit Television) security cameras provide a wide range of benefits that include:

  • Stored recordings of video images that can provide evidence of theft and misconduct
  • Acts as a deterrent when intruders recognize that CCTV systems are present
  • Helps reduce and minimize the need for costly security guard personnel

As the growing need in Trinidad and Tobago increases for electronic security systems, Bulldog Computer Services provides a wide range of CCTV systems to meet customer’s environment and there requirements. Our CCTV systems vary from simple security cameras that can cater to the residential home or small retail businesses market.  We can also provide solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors, that require complex matrix analogue or IP systems. All our systems can be viewed and controlled remotely.

We work  together with our clients to provide solutions that are designed around their requirements within their budget, whether it is an upgrade of an existing security camera system or a new system installation.

Our CCTV security camera solution can be integrated (if compatible) into other security systems such as access control systems and intruder alarm systems, to provide the options for an advanced security system.

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